Travel Insurance China offers travel insurance online to citizens of China and travellers to China. Get a quote now and purchase travel medical and evacuation coverage online via a secure server. Our travel insurance plans are great for Chinese nationals immigrating to the USA, Canada, Europe and beyond! In fact, most of our plans are available to citizens around the world. We are a premier supplier for travel insurance for people going to and from China.

Travel Insurance China Products Available

  • IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance

    A more comprehensive plan for Chinese citizens and citizens around the world aged 14 days to 100 years old. You can obtain IMG Patriot travel insurance coverage for periods of 5 days to 12 or 24 months with up to $2,000,000 in emergency travel medical coverage with several deductible choices and options. Download plan brochure for full details.

  • BUPA Global Travel Insurance Plan

    Our most comprehensive travel medical insurance plan for single trips up to one year or annual multi-trips under 30 days. The BUPA plan is available for most residents under 69 except those residing in the USA, Canada and Japan. The policy has a zero deductible and an unlimited maximum. Click here for more detailed information. Obtain quote online.

  • IMG Visitors Care Plan

    A low cost plan which provides travel medical insurance coverage for individuals aged 14 days to 79 years old traveling outside their country of citizenship for a minimum of one month up to 24 months.Heart Disease, stroke and cancer are not covered, but a new Heart Care optional rider is available online. Download plan brochure for full details.

  • Group Travel Medical Insurance

    Businesses, schools and even non-profit organizations around the world often have members, employees and contract workers traveling around the world. Instead of letting employees fend for themselves, employers can obtain excellent business travel and student group travel rates through an employee sponsored plan. Get Quote.