Plan a Perfect Family Tour Abroad

Steps To Plan a Perfect Family Tour Abroad

  • Choose the Best Routine for a family tour

    If you want to travel abroad with your kids, you will first choose family-friendly destinations around the world. No matter going to a beach resort, a Disney cruise, or international cities, you need to consider the most appropriate routine for your precious family vacations.

  • Pick a suitable time

    It is recommended that you settle the date for a longer family trip during your kids’ school holidays. Though most of the famous attractions worldwide can be enjoyed whatever the season, it would be clever to plan ahead and avoid over-crowded with other tourists during your destination country’s major holidays.

  • Read useful travel tips

    Before travelling abroad with your family, get some useful travel tips such as your destination’s food style, weather condition, safety tips, gift options, etc. Contact your hotel and tour guide about requirements your children need in advance.

  • Purchase tickets for an evening flight if going overnight

    If your destination requires overnight flight, it is better to purchase flight ticket at night. This is because flying at night may help avoid disruption with your children’s sleep schedule. So that they will not likely to feel sleepy during the next day’s journey.

  • Find interesting things to do with your children

    Longer trips require you to be more patient and organized when travelling with kids. Why not find some fun things to entertain them and make your family trip happier? Bring them to the water park near your hotel, taste exotic menu items at snack street, or enjoy some cycling time with your family, etc.

  • Immunizations check for your family before departure

    Some countries and locations require special immunizations. It is recommended to consult with your doctor about which immunization you and your family need before departure.

  • Make sure you and your family are covered by health insurance

    It is important to have travel medical insurance coverage during your family trip. Also, depending on your duration of trip and destinations, find out what kind of health insurance coverage your family will need while travelling abroad. Travel Insurance China provides several travel insurance options for you to choose. Please click here for more information.

  • Eating and Drinking Safely when traveling abroad

    In most of the cases, don’t let your children drink tap water when travelling abroad. Even in some countries where tap water can be consumed, boiled water or bottled water could eliminate the possibility of stomach upset due to change of location.

    Tell your trip guide and the restaurants about your children’s allergies to certain foods if applicable.

  • Make your packing checklists

    It can be very helpful to make a packing list before leaving. Things like wet wipes, disinfectant gel, spare clothes, sunscreen, brand-aids, etc. may be helpful if travelling with kids. The packing list will not only give you some reference on what to pack for your trip, but also make you feel at ease.

  • pick appropriate tour with suitable schedule for families

    As travelling abroad as a family, you may want a customizable and flexible vacation tour. You might not want early morning calls at 5:30am in hotel, breakfast finished at 6:15am, then set off with the tour guide at 6:30am. This kind of trip schedule is not suitable for families with kids. It is recommended to contact your desired travel tour guide to find more family-friendly trip schedule options.