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BUPA Global Travel – Worldwide Travel Options Plan

BUPA Global Travel Insurance

For people traveling outside their country of citizenship


BUPA Global Travel – Single & Multi-Trip Plans

BUPA Global travel provides travel medical and evacuation insurance for people traveling outside their country of residence. The Worldwide Travel Options plan offers you emergency treatment of illnesses and accidents when you are traveling outside your country of residence for single trips up to 1 year or an annual multi-trip plan for unlimited number of trips up to 1 month per trip. The policy is very comprehensive with a zero deductible and unlimited maximum for persons traveling under age 69. The policy includes a host of important benefits, including emergency medical evacuation & repatriation. Please read full plan terms and conditions HERE.

It provides single trip coverage on travels abroad from one day up to 12 months. An annual multi-trip plan for multiple trips up to 1 month in length is also available.

Why Choose BUPA Global Travel Insurance?

You get a lot of advantages with a BUPA:

  • Direct payment of all hospital bills by BUPA worldwide where possible
  • Access to BUPA’s excellent medical consultants within their medical network
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Full cover with no deductible as per plan terms and conditions
  • Professional and efficient reimbursement service both offline and online
  • Worldwide cover outside your country of residence during all types of travel: leisure, study and business
  • Free cover of children under the age of two when accompanying an insured person with BUPA
  • You must be 69 or younger to apply and be covered by this policy
  • Personal liability coverage option
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment option
  • Trip cancellation option
  • Baggage cover and flight delay option

Please note that when the BUPA travel insurance is taken out after the insured has left the country of permanent residence, there is a waiting period of at least 3 days before the insurance takes effect. In the event of serious injury in connection with an accident, the right to compensation shall, however, take effect concurrently with the date of commencement of the insurance. Please read plan brochure for full details. 

The BUPA Global Travel plan only covers you when you travel OUTSIDE your country of residence as defined in policy brochure. Plan does not cover inter-state travel or travel inside your country of residence. The plan is not available to current residents of USA, Canada & Japan. Expeditions, mountaineering and trekking in Antarctica, the North Pole and Greenland are not covered by the insurance. Mountaineering which requires specialized equipment, regardless of destination, is not covered. Please note that Bupa Global only provides cover in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN if the risk has been pre-approved by BUPA Global. You are therefore under an obligation to notify TFG & BUPA Global if you plan to travel to or stay in these countries. Cover will be provided at a premium loading only.

If you need cover for pre-existing medical conditions, please contact us and request this and the forms.