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What are cookies?


An internet “cookie” is just small piece of information which is stored on your browser when you visit a website. The cookies recognize your device as you move between pages and can be used from maintaining secure logins to remembering you when you next visit the website. Some cookies are owned by the website you are viewing (‘first-party’ cookies) and others may be supplied by an independent company (‘third-party’ cookies).


Meeting EU Legislation on Cookies


Following the European Union’s revised e-Privacy Directive and to make sure we are protecting our customers’ interests, our firm has updated the cookie policy to be compliant in as many places as possible. Please note that our management, company and servers are based in Canada and do not have to comply with foreign e-Privacy directives and rules . We will continue to monitor and revise based on industry best practice guidelines as closely as is possible.


Your Travel Insurance cookies


We often recommend you leave your cookie settings as it currently is otherwise you may not be unable to navigate through this site.


The cookies that have been set up will still be active so if you need to change these, you can do so from your web browser settings. To find out how to do this, visit


In accordance with your employer’s requirements, Expat Financial has created these sites and portals for your use. Please be aware if you deactivate any cookies, you will no longer be able to access them.


Where and how we may use cookies:


Strictly necessary


These cookies are essential for use on our portals. If you delete these our website will not function and we will be unable to provide the service you have actively sought from us. This includes:


  • Protecting your privacy with confidential access to our Customer Area.
  • Brief data storage, to communicate with you and to allow you to service your account.


Strictly Necessary – First-Party



Cookie Name Expiry Use
JSESSIONID Session Security – CustomerAuthentication
aegis-user Session Security – CustomerAuthentication
aegis-application-cieb- gss Session Security – CustomerAuthentication



PD-H-SESSION-ID Session Security – CustomerAuthentication
PD_STATEFUL_3a33adc2-341e-11e2-8014-2ac9810a890b Session Security – CustomerAuthentication
TFG Global Insurance Solutions ltd.-ltm-cookie Session To maintain the users session onthe load balancer
org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.CookieLo caleResolver.LOCALE Session To store the user’s locale
PD-S-MBR-SESSION-ID Session Security – CustomerAuthentication
envoylanguage 3 months To store the user’s languagepreference
envoyCookieDirective 1 year To store the user’s acceptanceof cookies





These cookies are necessary and allow us to improve your journey and experience on our site. This information is aggregated and anonymous and provides us with key statistics on how customers are interacting with our site. This includes:

  • Helping us to improve website performance.
  • Helping you find the products and information you want.
  • Trialing new content and ensuring consistency across the site.
  • Helping us track interaction between our site and contact centre.


Cookie Name Expiry Use
_ga 2 years Google Analytics.To track traffic sources and navigation. When visitors reach our site via a search engine result, a direct link, oran ad that links to our page, Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie.
TLTSID Browser Session TeaLeaf.Provides analytics on the website usage and enables Customer Service Representatives to replicate a user session to assist with errors.Two cookies are used to establish a session:

•     TLTSID

•     TLTUID

TLTUID Browser Session TeaLeaf.Provides analytics on the websiteusage and enables Customer Service Representatives to replicate a user session to assist with errors.



Two cookies are used to establish asession:•     TLTSID

•     TLTUID

TLTtealeafcookie Browser Session Tealeaf.Provides analytics on the website usage and enables Customer Service Representatives to replicate a user session to assist with errors.


How to manage and switch off cookies:


Your web browser provides settings that allow you to manage or switch off cookies. If you do switch off cookies, remember that you may not be able to use all of the services on our websites.


Links to sites provide by others:
If you follow a link from one of our websites to another website, it is important that you are aware that the owner of the other website will have their own privacy and cookie policies for their site. We recommend you read their policies as we are not responsible or liable for what happens at their site.


More interesting information about cookies:



Please contact us via 1-604-628-0426 if you require additional information on our cookie policy.


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